Setting up IAM user on AWS

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2 min readJan 28, 2024

This post is related to Custom GPT, “Actions: Build and Deploy”.

You need:
1. Access key
2. Secret Access key
3. Region

We get them using IAM with following steps

  1. Search on the top bar and click on IAM
search and click on IAM

2. Click on users on the left selection bar

3. Click on create user

4. Add any username you want according to instruction and click next, leave the checkmark unchecked.

4. Attach policies

  • Select attach policies directly
  • Write in policy search bar “IAMFull”
  • Select the “IAMFullAccess” Check box
  • Click Next

5. Bottom right, Click “Create User”

6. Click on the name of the new user

7. Click create access key:

8. Choose Local Code

tick the asking permission and click next

9. Click “Create Access Key”

The description is optional so upto you.

10. Note the Credentials:

  • Access key
  • Secret access key
  • region (Top right)



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